Meet Shelly
Life-long entrepreneur and founder of THE APP FOUNDATION, Shelly Turner mentors purpose driven entrepreneurs with the tools they need to build and grow a business and change the lives of their clients while creating a lifestyle and income they desire.
It is her mission to provide access to tools that passionate, purpose driven individuals need to not only live at amazing life themselves, but commit to helping their clients transform business through the knowledge they gain in sales and marketing.
The goal of our program is to create shifts in awareness and skills.  Making money is not one of the focal points of our training, but the real goal is to shift and up-level the lives of entrepreneurs so they can go out and do it for themselves.
Shelly believes that life is about learning and growing, then sharing what you have gained with others, rather than keeping it to yourself.  Our program is dedicated to creating a new breed of business success, entrepreneurs who are making their own rules, taking a stand for their purpose, leading through integrity, and making money by changing lives.
If you are a purpose driven entrepreneur who is ready to take full responsibility for your life, to discover your true purpose, think bigger than you ever imagined, and make a BIG impact in the world, you have found a home in our community.  Welcome!

Shelly's Story

Everyone starts somewhere, right?  Everyone has a story of why they want to get out of office or cubicle...or leave the 9 to 5 grind...or get away from horrible bosses...

I am no different than everyone else.  I have a story to tell about why I started an online company, began making applications for businesses, and then started helping others create their own application business.

In the beginning of 2013,  I was working as a high school biology teacher.  But I had a serious right leg had gone from bad to worse.  As a child I had numerous surgeries to correct some of the problems I had, and it worked until I reached later adulthood.  As I began aging, my bones in my right leg did not age as well as the rest of my body.  The bones started to thin, my knee was failing, my foot had no range of motion and was frozen in position, and my knee did not bend.  And then, my foot started to break by just walking on it.  I also had to start spinal nerve block shots to cope with shooting pain in my leg.  As a teacher, it was extremely difficult to refrain from walking.  And my class was a state tested class, so my students not only were required to take my class and pass, but they also had to pass the state biology exam to be able to graduate.  No pressure, right?

With so many problems with my leg, I began to consider getting an amputation.  As my knee and foot specialists worked with the issues that kept cropping up, I asked what they thought about amputation.  My doctor did not support it and laughed at I fired him and got another doctor...and another...and another...until someone talked seriously to me about the possibility of how an amputation might be beneficial to me.

I explained that I was a very active individual and I refused to accept being in a wheelchair for the rest of my life when there was another option...amputation.  I also explained that at 48 years old, the time was now to get it done so I could recover and enjoy some quality of life before I became to old to have it done and recover.  I finally found three doctors that agreed that an amputation above the knee was probably my best option.  So...June 9, 2014 I had my leg amputated.  

I was home after 3 days.  Seven weeks later, I was back at the school teaching in my wheelchair as my stump healed.  I learned how to drive with my left foot so that I could drive myself to work.  I was on the road to recovery and excited about the new school year and a new set of students to torture...oops, I mean teach.  After only four weeks into the school year, I developed a MRSA infection and was required to go on IV antibiotics.  It was a setback that took me out of the classroom and recovering at home.  

I knew that getting the infection meant that I was going to be out of work for some time.  I also knew that if I was away from work too long, they would not hold my position at the school...and they didn't.  So I started to investigate ways that I could make money from home.  I had been learning how to create mobile applications for iPhone, Android, and Kindle for a few years and gravitated to that business idea.  In the months that I was home getting IV antibiotic treatments for my MRSA infection, I created and started my own app business.  

After experiencing success very quickly in the app market, I decided that I would enjoy going back to teaching...but this time teaching others how to build the same business that I did, but helping them avoid the mistakes I made so they can move to their fullest profit potential quickly and easily.  I am so excited about sharing my experience with serious entrepreneurs that are ready to work hard now so that they can sit back and relax later as they enjoy the revenue stream they have created.

So what do I have to offer you as your coach and mentor?


I will stick with you to make sure you learn the things you need to know to start, build, and grow your business according to your goals!


I could not have accomplished the things I have done in my life without being organized.  Let me help you organize your business life so you can enjoy your personal life!


I have a ton of determination to get things done.  Now let me show you how to channel your determination into a profitable business that you can start, build, and grow quickly and easily.


I have found my purpose...helping others achieve what I have achieved and beyond.  I can't wait to show you what I have learned in this great journey towards success!


I have always known that my passion is teaching and now I can channel that passion into helping others achieve success in their business lives so that they can enjoy their personal lives.

Skydiving in California

Me and My Family Enjoying an Arkansas Razorback Game!

Me in my 2016 Mazda Miata MX-5

I am the MX-5 Diva!

Ziplining in Branson, MO

Me and Murphy (my prosthetic leg)

Why Start a Mobile App Business?

Why Every Business Needs an App!

We want you to create the freedom lifestyle are meant to live, so we help you build your business and get your first clients quickly and easily. Our innovative program will show you how to create, produce and sell apps to businesses with minimal effort and maximum profit!

Coaching Series

 Our Training will give you exactly what you need to create and launch your own app development program. We will show you exactly how to:

  • Create a consistent flow of ideal clients
  • Build a marketing funnel that does the heavy lifting for you 24/7
  • Launch your business quickly and easily so you can focus on making money
  • Serve more people and work less hours

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